Google is always looking for ways to improve what it offers to its users. Back in March, they introduced some big changes to Google Workspace, especially to their most affordable option – the Business Starter plan. The biggest change is in how they handle storage.

For just $6 a user each month (with a yearly plan), the Business Starter plan used to give each user their own 30GB of storage. Now, Google has decided to shake things up by moving from personal to shared storage.

Shared storage is simpler and easier to manage because the storage is shared by everyone in the company, not just one person at a time. It’s a big change, but a good one, because it makes everything a lot easier to manage.

New Storage Updates: More Space for Everyone

With the new update, the total storage for your company will be 30GB times the number of users. So, if you have ten users, you’ll have 300GB of shared storage. The person in charge of your Google Workspace can decide how much storage each person can use. If they don’t, any user can use as much of the storage as they want.

Along with this change, Google is also planning to add shared drives to the Business Starter plan.

This new feature has a lot of benefits:

– All your team’s files are in one place, so it’s easier to find what you need.
– Even if someone leaves your team, their files will stay in the drive.
– Everyone who has access to the drive can work on the same files.
– No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can get to your files.

This new way of managing storage will be available to new Business Starter users starting next week. If you’re already using Business Starter, don’t worry – your plan will be switched over to shared storage in the next few months. That way, everyone can enjoy these great new features and the flexibility they offer.


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