1. Business Email Through Gmail

We will provide a professional, custom email address hosted on Gmail. This will include full Gmail functionality, high-quality spam protection, and access to your email from any device.

2. Google Meet

We will provide access to Google Meet for video and voice conferencing. This will allow you to host large meetings with high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, and live captions.

3. Secure Team Messaging via Google Chat

We will provide access to Google Chat, a secure platform for internal communication. This includes direct messages and group conversations.

4.Shared Calendars via Google Calendar

We will provide access to Google Calendar, allowing shared scheduling and improved coordination within your organization.

5. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Access to these tools for real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations will be provided.

6. Low-code App Development Environment

We will provide access to Google’s low-code development platform, which can be used to create custom business applications with minimal coding.

7. 30GB Cloud Storage

Each user will have 30GB of cloud storage on Google Drive, accessible from any device.

8. Smart Search Across Google Workspace with Cloud Search

We will provide Cloud Search capability, allowing you to quickly find relevant information across all your Google Workspace services.

9. 24/7 Support

We will offer round-the-clock support by phone, email, and online to troubleshoot issues and answer questions.

10. Cloud Identity Premium

This service for managing users, apps, and devices will be provided.

11. Security and Administration Controls

We will provide robust security and administration controls, including data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive, hosted S/MIME for Gmail, enterprise-grade access control, and Gmail log analysis in BigQuery.

12. Alert Center, Access Transparency, Data Regions for G Suite

We will provide advanced security features including the alert center for tracking security-related notifications, Access Transparency for logging and auditing, and the ability to specify data storage regions.

13. eDiscovery for Emails, Chats, and Files

We will provide eDiscovery tools, which can be used for legal and compliance purposes to find and export emails, chats, and files.

14. Policies for Emails and Chats

We will provide the ability to establish organizational policies for email and chat communication.

15. Audit Reports to Track User Activity

We will provide audit reports, allowing you to track activities of your users across all Google Workspace services.